Department of Computer Science Rutgers University

Location: Core 340, Busch Campus

Phone #: 732 445 6450x4634

Consistent improvements in hardware functionalities, costs, and performance are enabling visions of pervasive computing environments, where users roam with access devices surrounded by a computing infrastructure that provides them with a wealth of services.  Before such visions become reality, however, we must address three issues: (i) how to reduce the difficulty of implementing scalable, highly available back-end services, (ii) how to reduce the human cost of maintaining and using pervasive environments, and (iii) how to provide adequate security in these environments.  Current research in PANIC Lab seek to address different aspects of these issues.

Current projects:

Parasol: Rutgers's Green uDatacenter

Previous projects:

PlanetP: An infrastructure for P2P information sharing.

Vivo : A Systematic Approach to Improving the Availability of Cluster-Based Internet Services

CCM: Cooperative caching middleware for clusters.

DDDDRRaW: Distributed Real-Time Rendering on Commodity Clusters.

Mendosus: A Fault-Injection Test-Bed for Constructing Highly Available Network Services

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PANIC Lab faculty and students are also actively collaborating with the LGI group and the DARK Lab.